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International calls for performing artists engaged with dance, music, theatre, puppetry or other fields of performing arts. That includes various calls from festivals and events such as calls for troupes, theatre performances, dance or musical scores and pieces, actors, directors, choreographers, dancers, comedians, musicians and others.

16th International University Theatre Forum, Vilnius

University Theatre Forum Vilnius
 SUBMISSION  DEADLINE: December 15th, 2014 

16th International University Theatre Forum will take place between May 5th and May 9th 2015 at Vilnius (Lithuania).

International University Theatre Forum in Vilnius is a unique youth event of this kind organized in the Baltic countries 16 years. It summons students that are interested in theatre for interactive theatrical performances and aims to bring social and heritage questions to public attention, also giving the possibility to get to know each other, to interact and exchange experience.

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Kalarippajattu in India, workshop by Jerzy Grotowski Institute

Studio KalariStudio Kalari
 SUBMISSION  DEADLINE: November 1st, 2014 

Instytut im. Jerzego Grotowskiego invites participants to it’s “outer activity”, to come and practise in kalari in Trivandrum, the capital of the state of Kerala in South India.

Studio Kalari is the first centre in Poland which aims to promote a South Indian martial art, kalarippayattu.

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Yamaha Music Foundation of Europe (YMFE) – Brass scholarships

Yamaha Music Foundation
 SUBMISSION  DEADLINE: November 30th, 2014 

The Yamaha Music Foundation of Europe is the perfect possibility for talented musicians to prove themselves, get professional feedback and – if awarded – to benefit from financial support. I invite every music student to take this chance. A chance that could be the starting point to a promising career …

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Binaural People

Binaural PeopleBinaural People
 SUBMISSION  DEADLINE: December 31st, 2014 

Binaural People is a new and innovating media and community that will feature the best of immersive music creation as a pertinent form of art.

On a regular call, Binaural People is looking for high quality electronic music, sound art, installation soundtrack, designed in any format beyond the regular stereo for worldwide broadcast.

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ISEA 2015 – 21st International Symposium on Electronic Art

ISEA 2015ISEA 2015
 SUBMISSION  DEADLINE: December 20th, 2014 
 SUBMISSION  DEADLINE: February 21st, 2015 

21st International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA) will be held August 14-18, 2015, in Vancouver, Canada. The ISEA2015 symposium will be hosted by Simon Fraser University, and a vast variety of local academic and artistic partners. ISEA is the largest international academic gatherings on electronic and emergent arts, world-wide. Since its start in the Netherlands in 1988 it has been organised in 4 continents and in over 20 different cities. ISEA brings together scholarly, artistic, and scientific domains in an interdisciplinary discussion that showcases creative productions applying new technologies in art, interactivity, and electronic and digital media.

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