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International calls for performing artists engaged with dance, music, theatre, puppetry or other fields of performing arts. That includes various calls from festivals and events such as calls for troupes, theatre performances, dance or musical scores and pieces, actors, directors, choreographers, dancers, comedians, musicians and others.

The Love Songs Project – Composition Competition

 SUBMISSION  DEADLINE: October 31st, 2016 

Composition of a piano solo of maximum 4 minutes’ duration that can be described as a love song.

The idea of the competition is to encourage a range of 21st century responses to the genre of the love song in the form of short piano pieces (i.e. love songs without words). Entries will be judged according to composers’ ability to take on the challenge of writing a memorable, individual and truly contemporary piece of music in a genre that crosses so many boundaries in music, with account also taken of skill in writing for the piano.

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Call for submissions: FRAGMENTED IDENTITIES – Venice 2016

 SUBMISSION  DEADLINE: July 8th, 2016 

Call for submissions: FRAGMENTED IDENTITIES – Venice 2016
It’s LIQUID International Art and Architecture Festival

It’s LIQUID Group, in collaboration with International ArtExpo, is selecting all interesting photo, design/architecture projects, video-art, painting, installation/sculpture and performance art works to include in the next exhibition:

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The 9th Bains Numeriques Biennial

 SUBMISSION  DEADLINE: February 1st, 2016 

The 9th edition of the International Media Arts Biennial, Bains Numériques will be held in a city, Enghien-les-Bains in France from June 1st – 5th, 2016, and now it calling for candidates. Category of works are “Performances,” dance pieces making use of digital technologies and “Live musical performances” with visual creation.

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Sound Acts II, 2016, Athens, Greece

Sex Workers Opera - Sound ActsSex Workers Opera - Sound Acts
 SUBMISSION  DEADLINE: December 10th, 2015 

Sound acts is an annual get-together, a showcase of creative couplings between music/sound, performance art/gesture and gender/body/activism.

The first instalment of event took place in Athens in April 2015, through both theoretical presentations and discussions, as well as musical (or amusical) performances, interventions and installations. The event’s purpose was twofold: on the one hand it was an opportunity for local underground artists to present their work in such a context for the first time in Athens and on the other to establish connections between greek practitioners/theoreticians and the international community.

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TRACTOR 2016 AIR, Slovenia

Tractor 2016
 SUBMISSION  DEADLINE: November 15th, 2015 

Within the framework of TRACTOR International Artist in Residency you’ll be exposed to a unique opportunity to explore and expand your artistic ambitions. “Test” your ideas within a larger frame than your own studio. This self directed creative programme offers you the luxury of time, space and freedom to perform new body of work, research innovative ideas or just experiment with different techniques or modes of production. You can use the opportunity to interact with other artists, or use the time as a chance to re-turn to yourself and the nature – you choose.

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